Some days hope is hard to find. Yes! I am living one of those days. I don’t enjoy this part of the process and sometimes I wonder if it really is worth even bothering to dream of something different.

It is another morning that will become another day that will most likely look just like the day before…which wasn’t bad, it was just … uninspiring. There was nothing to look forward to. Nothing to make happen. These are the days when dreams make everything look bleak – especially when you have been imagining for a while and things don’t seem to be moving much.

Never one to give up I fall back on my world record to show me a way through. Because if I found a way once, I must be able to find a way twice…three times….as many times as I need to get to my ‘there’.

Here are the choices I use to find hope when my Dare deserts me!

Choice 1 : Surrender!

Allow the universe to co-create with you and stop controlling how it must go and how it must end!

Are you allowing the universe to support you ? Are you forcing things into the way you think they should be ? What happens if you let go and allowed things to be ‘wrong’ ?

Choice 2 : Let go of the outcome!

When I am taking on sole responsibility for creating my dream I control everything including the outcome. Which means that I obsess about that one thing…which is not a bad thing, getting to be deepest needed obsession. It becomes a hindrance when I am obsessing to the point where I can’t see alternatives. There is more than one way to reach your destination and when you hold onto a specific outcome you often stop your movement entirely.

Have you chosen one and only one outcome ? Can this only turn out one way ? What would happen if you let the outcome go ?

Let it be what it is! You can’t actually control what happens only how you get to that point.

Choice 3 : Let go of the people!

I often find when I am stuck and running out of hope it is because somehow I have tied my progress into being chosen or getting people to agree with what I want or how I want to do it. When I let go of needing people to approve or agree or accept then suddenly I seem to make space for something to happen.

People are hard to convince and here is the thing, you don’t have to convince everyone!

What if you never had to convince another person ?

People choose based on who they are and where they are and what they want. To change someone’s mind is a huge task and often means you have to change you. What if you instead allowed those people who don’t agree to move on and so make space for the people who do to find you  ?

Choice 4  : All of the Above!

There will be days when it seems impossible and you wonder why you even bothered dreaming about something new! Hold on! This too will pass and when it does, you will find that you have something you needed as a result.

Choose to not give up and keep trying!

Your Dare is There!

Go Live It!