One of the biggest stumbling blocks reaching 221 meters was the fact that I needed a team. To get a team I needed to convince people to believe that I could do this and want to be a part of the journey. The more I tried to convince the people around me the more depressed I became. It just wasn’t possible.

I spent years trying to change people’s minds when what I really needed to do was stop! Yes! Stop! What I needed to know was that you can’t convince everyone and when you find yourself surrounded by people who aren’t on your side, then you need to let go and move on. You need to create space for new people to arrive, people with energy and desires that align better to yours.

But we don’t do that! Somehow we believe that people are hard to find, so we hold onto the one’s we have, desperately trying to change them and get them to believe and accept and approve. We spend lifetimes trying to change on person when everything we needed and dreamed was sitting in the person behind them.

What if you never had to convince another person ?

What if you didn’t need another person’s permission or approval to live your dream ? What if what you did didn’t actually materially affect someone else’s happiness ? What if people could be in your life without having to be part of your dream ?

Perhaps I am not getting the words quite right, but it seems to me that we expect too much from the people who mean the most to us. What if we let them not be responsible for making our lives happen and our happiness exist ?

What if you never had to convince another person ? They either agreed or didn’t and it was ok either way. If they don’t you move on, if they do you move on…with them on board.

Think about it !

Stop fighting with the people around you trying to convince them ! Can you imagine the peace and new energy you would have if you did ?

Live with Dare! Choose your Life! Make it one you Love!