Why Leadership Matters !

Leading People for High Performance

Where an individual or team can go is always bound by their leaders. Leaders create the container of what is possible and what is not! They create the vision, they hold it, they hold power and control or they distribute it. Your experience as an individual is based on who your leaders are and how they lead.

For an organisation to meet it’s goals, for a team to reach high performance, needs a leader who knows how to get the best from the people and the processes.

When we teach leadership, we focus on the easy stuff, the processes and skills like decision making and prioritising.

What we leave out is that leadership for high performance is about leading people. Great leaders have shifted out of themselves as the vehicle for delivery to the team being the vehicle for delivery. Their performance is measured not in what they do, but what the teams get done.

Leadership for high performance is about activating and growing the greatness of the team. It is about connecting individuals to how they contribute and how they fit into the overall pattern.