Until its done –  Nelson Mandela (Long Walk to Freedom). Then it is so obvious everyone wonders why it took so long to smash!

No-one could reach the top of Everest, until it was done. Now there are traffic jams and queues of climbers waiting to get there and back.

No-one could dive deeper than 100 meters, until it was done. Now there are courses that anyone with the money and equipment can do to take you there.

No-one could reach the moon, until it was done!

Ok! So these impossible problems were smashed by extraordinary people and you are just normal. Really ?

Are you sure ?

Do you think Bill Gates woke up and decided to become the richest man in the world or did he just have an extraordinarly large and ambitious dream that he relentlessly pursued ?

What was the difference between Scott and Amundsen in their race for the South Pole ? Scott gave up, Amundsen didn’t.

What if the only thing between you and the life you want to love is a choice to persist and get it done.

When you find your dare you stop believing you can’t do it and start to look for how you could.

Go Find your Dare!

Go live the life you want to love!