In 2004, I reached a depth of 221 meters and set a new Guiness Word record for the deepest dive by a woman on scuba. It was a defining moment in my life. The record held for 16 years and has served as a map for me, to understand what it takes to shift from a ‘normal’ life into something that I really didn’t think I was able to do or was even born to do.

Deep diving and exploration is only one part of who I am. My professional career has been in software delivery and I am an experienced Agile coach (don’t hold that against, me). Agile has become a swear word in corporates, but for me Agility was the closest thing I could find to what I did deep diving, it was about exploring high performance.

Understanding high performance and finding ways to activate that for individuals and teams and leaders is my focus – what if who you were wasn’t set in stone ?

What can possibilities could you be exploring and what would you need to learn to bring those into life ?