Leadership Habits

What we do is based on the habits we have developed. Yes, it is more complicated when you start to dig into it, but at the core, what we experience is based on the choices we make and so the actions we take. The choices we make are dependent on how we see the world. These frames are our mental models and we can see them in the narrative we tell about who we are and what is happening in our lives. The stories we tell create our reality because we make choices based on this story.

We are the authors of our story and the authors of the roles we play in these stories. Which means that the habits we have are just that, things we do because we have always done them.

If you want to have a new experience, then the starting point is to cultivate new habits.

Leadership is at its core the ability to improve the effectiveness of individuals and teams so that specific outcomes can be reached.

Leadership is a journey that shifts the focus from me as the leader, my performance and how good I am to a team focus. How a leaders contributes is no longer as a do’er or expert, but as a facilitator and builder. The value they bring, the contribution they make to delivering the outcome is different.

Leading is a different set of habits and skill to being an expert, specifically leaders display the following habits

  • Service – the fundamental shift that great leaders make is from their own success and capability (me) to building team capability that generates the result.

The value/ contribution leaders bring is :

  • Focus – leaders keep the team’s focused on the outcome, they keep them on the path.
  • Momentum – leaders ensure that the team keeps going, They use the power of choice to unstick
  • Empowerment – leaders build and optimise the capabilities of their teams
  • Balance. Leaders bring balance into a system. They are able to adapt and make choices based on what is needed for the team to be successful not only now, but long term