It doesn’t matter if someone else things you are useless or inadequate. Really, it doesn’t! What matters is what you think! You probably haven’t been taught to override someone else’s judgement and opinion of you and what you are doing, you should have because what people think comes from their experiences and is seldom pure truth. Just because you aren’t making the choices that someone else would doesn’t make your choices wrong. Just because you aren’t acting, reacting, doing or saying the way someone else would doesn’t make it wrong.

You are different! You are Unique! You have to find YOUR way, you can’t use someone else’s.

So yes, you may actually suck at what you are doing, now! They may be right! You may not be good enough in this moment. But this moment is something you can claim, own and change. Very few people are good the first time they do things, the rest of us have to learn and make mistakes and suck at it for a while until we find our own way.

Is it ok not to be enough right now because who you are is not set in stone, it is something you can change and  you change it by making different choices. It is only not ok when you become defensive and the victim of the situation. Own your life! Own your choices and your vision and your actions. When you own it you can change it and not a moment before that.

To change it, to become good enough you need to know what it is you want to create and then you need to step into that vision. You have to make a choice to step through your fear and into your dare. You are the only person who can make that choice. Until you do you will be fighting reality knowing in your heart that you are failing. Until that moment you are slowly killing your soul.

All it takes is that step where you face the truth that maybe you aren’t good enough, now and that is ok. Just because you aren’t ‘there’ yet doesn’t mean you aren’t going to get there.

Find the courage to explore options, ask questions, admit where you are! Find the courage to learn and grow.

You would not be here in this moment if this was not a part of yourself you didn’t need to claim back. This is who you can be, if you choose to claim it. Go claim it! Go own it! Go do what you need to do in spite of your fear and loneliness.

Go live with Dare!