This is the title of my soon to be presented TEDxSoweto talk and it inspired me so much I took the structure and turned it into an essay. Something that wraps my blogs and facebook posts into one place. Not the book I want to write, but part of it.

Log onto and get it for free using the following coupon code. JL76B. You can also get it at Amazon – please tell them about the lower price at Smashwords so that it can come down and please rate it when you are done (actually, rate it on Amazon even if you didn’t get it there 🙂 .

Then let me know how you are going to find your dare. What does/ did your moment look like ?

Yes, there is something solid to stand on when you walk through your fear into your discomfort zone.

Yes dreams do come true – but you have to stop talking about them and start living them

Yes you have to face your fear and find your dare if you want to get started and you have to get started.

Go find your dare!

You live your dreams