The thought popped out of nowhere yesterday (which was not one of my best days). If happiness were a choice, how would I create it ? What is it I would be choosing ? For a brief moment I felt connected to spot inside myself that was independent of anything and everything going on around me – a spot that seemed to pulse with joy ….and then it was gone.

What if happiness really was nothing but a choice ? What if it had nothing to do with what I have or where I was or what car I was driving ? What if I could be happy in any place at any time ?

What if the happiness I have been striving to create has nothing to do with my experience (something I have long suspected). I know feelings are choices, things I create with the way I translate what is happening around me, but happiness ? Can it really be that simple ? Would be embarrassing if it was!

I suspect that to be happy in any moment of any day I would have to let go of needing anything from any day. I would have to be fully present, accepting and in perfect flow (all hard things for me to create consistently). That is a lot of thinking and holding on I would have to let go of….. maybe I will try it just for 5 minutes and see how it goes. And then maybe 5 more…. I can always go back to the way I was.

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