You may have noticed a new addition to the subscription list and facebook page, the Daily Focus Word.  This is an idea I have had for a while, a way to create focus in my day and so enable me to be conscious of the change I want to create. That has always been my problem, how to move theory into practice.

One of the aspects of consciousness coaching that I loved was how each session ended with a list of things to do. The problem I had was remembering that list. I found that in a day I could not remember a list of 4 elaborate sentences, but I could remember single words. I wondered then if I could collapse most of my goals into single focus words that would enable me to explore a new way of being and so the daily focus words were born.

I have changed them a little, renaming them to my Daily Dare….because some days really do require a large dollop of daring. Some days it is much easier to be the way I have always been and live the life I have always lived. Then I wake up and start a new day and start to dare myself all over again.

I hope in my list of words you find a word that connects with you and you start to use it. I love “Flow” because it creates movement, reminds me to be present and let go and accept. Some days tolerance is really what I need to work on (patience has always been a little too hard to master). Then there is laughter, a dare I love to take.

The object here is to find out how you could be the essence of the word. There is no right answer and you will probably find that when you start you have one idea in your head of what it means to be Joy, and when you get to the end of your day you find what opened up for you was something completely different.

Just be present with the word, asking yourself how you could spread the essence of it in what you easy and do and remember to be kind to yourself. You are the product of years of unconscious habits, it takes time to create awareness and new habits, so stick with it.

Take the time at the end of each day to review and see what happened for you. The day I choose love was one of the worst I have ever had. I lost my cool completely and was anything BUT love. It taught me a lot about who I am and how I choose my moments to be the energy of love and how that limits the experience I have and what is possible.

Go on, I dare you !

On…and let me know what your favourite word is…and if you use one I don’t have, please, please, please let me know about your word 🙂

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