What is freedom forFree2 you ? For me it is being able to choose which means having the ability to leave where I am and go where I choose. I have always attached that to wealth, because if I didn’t have to earn a salary and pay my bills I would be free only would I ? Is freedom really the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect <insert your thing here> ?

What would I do if I had the choice to do anything ?

What is stopping me from being free ? The lottery ? That promotion ? If that were true I should already feel free because I have way ‘more’ than when I started out my adult life, so why do I still feel trapped ?

Am I afraid of the consequences of choosing this time and place to be free in ? Do I dare to stop being who I think everyone needs me to be and instead be myself ? Could I accept what is, let go of being attached to what is and let go of control of my life and just see what happens ?

Who do I need to stop listening to ?

Who do I need to start listening to ?

What if freedom were an attitude ? What if freedom was a place in my head, a way of thinking about where I am ?

If I had no bills to pay, what would I do and why could I not do that now ?

What is stopping me from being free ? Myself! Myself! Myself! Which is good news…because I get to choose myself, now to start choosing a self that revels in being free.

What would it take for you to be free ?

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