Living with Dare is about pushing your limits and that means finding your fear and saying, Howdy! (or in South Africa, Howzit). Which is part of the problem, we don’t like feeling fear. We don’t like it so much we don’t even have to feel it anymore, we just have to think about the possibility and we stop immediately. We fear, fear itself!

If you find yourself stuck in a loop, unable to find a way to get moving with no way out, then stop and ask yourself, what fear do you need to face ?

I will put good money on that being the problem. Find that fear! Then take a good long look at it! Paint it an interesting colour, give it a clowns nose, but look at it!

If it were possible for you to overcome it, how would you ? Is there a smaller step you could make, something that doesn’t paralyse you ?

Go on, I dare you! Find Your Dare!