Living with Dare and creating a life you want to love is all well and good, but how ? How do you start ? How about with curiosity ?

In diving I was lucky, I knew what the dream was, be deepest. In my real life that dream isn’t quite so easy to define. The first time I was asked what it was I wanted I looked at the lady with a blank stared. Huh ?

But her question got me curious. What do I want ? What don’t I want ? What could happen ? Why couldn’t I be the next Steve Jobs (or in my case maybe more Wayne Dyer) ?

I started to get curious about the way I saw the world and the things I thought were true. Diving helped because I had a real life example of how what everyone thinks is true actually isn’t. I was good enough to be deepest! I didn’t have to be perfect or special !

Are you curious about your life ? Do you live each day exactly the same or do you change it up ? Maybe taking a new way home and risking getting lost, or trying a new flavor, restaurant, brand ? What happened to your curiosity ?

Do you get up and just get on with it or do you get up and ask yourself, what can I do today ? What if I didn’t fight back, but instead smiled, listened and acknowledged that difficult person I dread facing ?

What if I didn’t accept ownership for everything and everyone and pushed back and said No, this is not my fault, I am not owning this ?

To dream means you got curious about how things could be, if you weren’t you living the life you had with the restriction you have.

To be a dream maker means you took curiosity one step further and decided to check if to see how you could make it happen.

Live with Dare! Take back your life! Create the Life you want to Love!