I ask myself this question all the time. When I find myself trapped by life, my choices and my dreams I know I have to start to look at the things I won’t let go of. I know I have to start to face the fear I have been avoiding. I have only ever found one way to get unstuck – accept the consequences I am avoiding!

What consequences are you avoiding ?

What are you desperately holding onto at the cost of everything ?

What happens if you accept the fact that you can not change the people around you and that you either have to leave and face no money, no house, no friends, no family or stay in a place where you hate every moment and everything ?

What really would happen if you accepted the fact that you have to stand up and say, NO! I am worth more than this! I want more than this and there is nothing you can do or say anymore to trap me ?

What would happen if you decided to simply accept the fact that sometimes you end up in a space where respect has to be insisted on, rather than naturally given. Or that some dreams cost too much, no matter how much time you have given them ?

Accept loosing what matters to you!

Yes, let go of what  you think matters. Let go of waiting for money or love or…or…or… What you are holding onto is what is keeping you trapped. The only person who gave it value was you. You decided that it matters to you more than your happiness, which means you can let go of it and rebuild your dream.

I don’t know why it works, it just does! The moment you accept loosing what seems to matter you are free! The moment you let go, the universe shifts and suddenly you are moving into a space of abundance and possibility. Sometimes what you feared comes to pass and then you discover it was something you could survive after all. Often it simply never happens.

There is no Secret!

There are no 6 Easy Steps to the life you want!

There is only one way and that way is you! You have to take that step into your fear because the only person who can change your life is you! The only person who can bring Joy and Happiness into your life is you! The person who teaches others how to treat you, is you!

Courage is hard to find when the world has battered you into the ground. Take a breathe, remember who you are, who you could be. Remember the feeling of sun on your skin, the laugh of a child, the joy of a dog or cat when you arrive home! Remember the colour of a rainbow, the feel of beach sand under your bare feet. Remember that this is your life! No-one else has any right to it! No-one!

I know you can! Why ? Because if one person can anyone can! There is nothing that can not be learnt, all it takes is your choice! 

Find that place where your Dare lives! And then take that step and let the scare and bluster flow past. You are you! You are Deserving! You own Your Life!

Live with Dare! Create the life you want to Love! Go do something!