Do I ? Practice what I preach ? Yes! Do I get it right in every moment of every day ? No! Most definitely not. But every day I get a bit better and those days add up.

Some days it is just plain embarrassing because I have to live up to ‘this’ and people wonder how I can talk about Living with Dare and not live it, every time.

Well, that is kind of the point. To live with dare is to dare to get it wrong because each time you get it wrong you let go of the past and unconscious habits. Each time you get it ‘wrong’ you get to choose to own it and change it. Each time I get it ‘wrong’ I learn how to get it right.

I Dare to Try!

I Dare to Fail!

I Dare to think that I can create a life I love and that all it takes is the choice to own my life, own my mistakes and keep on choosing.

What would your life be if you started to live with Dare ?
What if you could ?