Do you know ? Why not ?

You only have so many years to create a life you want to love, how many more are you going to waste not doing anything about it and just waiting ?

If you don’t know what you want to change, you can’t create it ? So how are you going to find out ?

How is THIS year going to be different ?

What are YOU going to do ? Because you need a plan and you need to hold yourself to that plan. You need steps that you have to take, one per month! You need goals and you need to hold yourself to those, keep them present and alive. Why ?

Because you don’t make a plan life will make it for you and you will find yourself in November having been busy and hectic and not having created anything you wanted for yourself.

Are you going to own it ? Are you going to make the time for it ? Because if you don’t there won’t be any!

Are you going to learn how to choose your thoughts and emotions ?

Are you going to claim yourself and not let the world and other people dictate how you feel and so what you say and do ?

Are you going to own your dream and start aligning what you say and do with that ?

What are the firsts steps you need to take ?

Could you put a time on that ? By when ?

How will you keep yourself to this ?

What if it wasn’t too late ?

What if all it took was desire, definition and dare ?

What if you could live a life you love 100% ?