Did you start the year full of enthusiasm and then somehow you got lost in the day to day ?

What did change ? Anything? Nothing ? Bet if you looked something changed. You became more aware, more conscious. It doesn’t have to be something physical, it can be a calmer you. It can even be understanding who you are and how you live in your world and get lost in it. That is often the first step to conscious creation.

Using this year, 2013 as a guide, what would you need to do differently in 2014 ?

What if it wasn’t too late ?

What if all it took was desire, definition and dare ? What if all it took was getting started.

How was 2013 different ? If it wasn’t, why not ? Do you want to live 2013 again in 2014 and just hope and wish it changes¬† or do you want to do something about it ?

Live 2014 with Dare

Use 2013 as your starting point and make next year spectacular. And if it isn’t ? Then you have an even better starting point for 2015.

Dare to choose and live a life you love!