I don’t know about you, but until recently the entire goal of my life has been to just get through today! The years spin by and at the end of each one i am amazed that so little has happened, yet i was so busy! Part of my coaching journey has been to define my own legacy, vision and mission! To create something I want to wake up for in the morning! Something that creates an overall direction in my life (other than find that perfect job and by the perfect house in the right neighborhood). Now after I got my world record I was kinda stuck! What to do next ? The logical step was go deeper, but the thing with a diving world record is that there is a limit and you normally only find it when you die ! Death was not high on my agenda! Yet I was missing that experience of being alive, of solving impossible problems, of growing and living! Something was missing! I was missing a legacy, a vision!
Here is what I discovered really resonates with me! On my tombstone the following words should be“Her words inspired me to Dare to Be! She showed me how to dive into my power and into my light!”Now do not ask me exactly how I am going to live into such a huge vision! I just know I have to try! And that if I wake up each morning and am in action of that I will not but help live a truly great life! My life!