written Nov 6 2008
What if Nothing was Wrong ? Nothing! No matter where you are in your life, even if the proverbial appears to have hit the fan….what if nothing was actually wrong.

I can see you going, Huh ? So let me start again! It occurred to me that a large part of my life (if not the most part) is based on one single principle – that something is wrong and I have to fix it! Immediately ! With this insidious feeling comes pure dread and fear. Because when something is wrong I get into a space where it is because of me! I am not good enough, strong enough, well enough really! Something is wrong and it must be fixed.But, when I shift into ‘Nothing is Wrong’, everything changes! When nothing is wrong I have the freedom and power to change what is! I stop justifying and defending. I stop reacting and I start to act! After all, nothing is wrong! This is just what is. Sometimes I experience it as good, sometimes as bad.
Some examples ?? Ok, the stock market is crashing, is something wrong ? No, nothing is wrong ! This is just what is! Things change, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Or the project you are on is a nightmare and you are fighting fire after fire ? Is something wrong ? No, this is how projects go sometimes. Sometimes get unexpected consequences ! That is life! That is being human. Nothing is inherently wrong, it is just not going the way we want!

Here is the thing! Wishful thinking does not change what is! When something is wrong we get paralysed. When nothing is wrong you give yourself (and others) the freedom and power to be…and to act! That is the moment in which change is possible. This is a space that coaching focuses on getting you into (and keeping you in).Try it today! Just be in the space ‘Nothing is Wrong’ and see how it changes your world!