written 0ct 28 2008
“Disinvest from the Outcome!” I remember reading this some years back and it has stuck! As a coach I have the privilege of being part of my client’s journeys toward their goals. I get to help them define the outcome they want to achieve. But just knowing what it is you want is not enough! You also need to be ‘in action’!
Now the phrase being in action seems to be one unique to cci and consciousness coaching! If any phrase encapsulates coaching, this is it. In order to succeed you need to be ‘in action’. Your goal is nothing more than a mechanism that you use to direct your actions and energy.
Think about it! You can never guarantee that a goal will become a reality! Oh you can commit 100% and spend all your energy obsessing about it, focusing on it, visualizing it, but that does not guarantee that it will become reality! I started off my journey to a world record using that sort of relentless willpower. I thought that if I wanted it enough, if I spent all my energy trying to control every step, I could make it happen. It was only when I let go and instead focused just on the next step, nothing more, that things started to happen.I am re-learning this lesson. After having spent a couple of months trying to force an outcome, I am putting down the control! I am stopping obsessing on tomorrow and instead just focusing on what I can do today that keeps myself in action, that keeps me moving steadily, irrevocably forward! I am learning that goals are fluid. As you keep moving what becomes possible changes…the trick is to keep moving!

So, what could you do TODAY that would put you in action of your goal ?