I wish I could draw you a map, a way to get from where you are to that place where anything is possible. I know it exists because I have been there once or twice, but even I battle to find it when I change the starting point.

In diving it took desperation and a dream that would not let me go. I had no choice but let go of everything I thought was true. I had no choice but stop believing in who i was and instead believe in who I could be. It scared me silly! What if I was wrong and everyone around me was right ?

I thought I could just be ‘that’ person from diving everywhere, but I still had to wade through all the thoughts and ideas I had accumulated about how things are before I could Find my Dare and start living it.

At work my journey to Dare has been about letting go of how it should be, letting go of being accepted and approved of and instead doing what needs to be done, rather than trying to work out how other people thought it should be done. It has been about choosing to lead, rather than being chosen to lead, and choosing the impact I am making, rather than waiting to be given permission.

When you Find Your Dare a weight suddenly lifts from your being. The fear that plagues you no longer holds you down. When you Find your Dare you can breathe and start to choose and own the consequences.

I know it can be done because I have done it! I know you can do it because who you are is not set in stone which means what is possible in your life only requires you to start getting curious and asking one question, why not me ?

What would it take for you to Find your Dare ? What fear do you have to face ? What do you have to possibly loose ?

What could you gain ?