One of the biggest things that gets in the way when I am exploring outside my comfort zone is the very firm ideas I have of how things are! I thought I knew what Courage was – something you are either born with or (in my case), not!

Because I thought I knew what courage was and so knew that I did not have it, it never occurred to me that I could face my fears, because to face a fear you have to have courage. So I never did.

Well, not never, because here I sit with a world record, but to get through my fear I never chose courage. I couldn’t, I didn’t have any (or so I thought). The only way to where I wanted to be was through my fear and my dream to be deepest just would not let me give up. I had no choice. If I stopped I would regret giving up every day, so I did whatever it took.

So happened whatever it took was facing my fear – the very definition of courage.

Where are you practicing courage without even knowing that is what you are doing ? Without the awareness that this is a skill you have it will be almost impossible to venture even further into your uncomfortable zone.

Make a list, how are you practicing courage ?

Now that you know you can, what other fears could you face ? What is standing between you and your dream ? What would it take to get past that ?

Live with Dare! Go Do Something! Create the life you want to love!