Let go of being normal. Let go of fitting in. Accept your essential weirdness and accept that doing something new and different takes you outside of the tribe. Tribes hate outliers and will do anything to get you back. You have to conform.

But what if you refuse ? What if you decide to accept that it is ok to be different!

To really create a life you love you have to accept that you are going to disappoint some people. You know that, which is why you have been avoiding doing it because those people are important to you. Their opinions are important to you. Do they know that they are controlling you and that you are unhappy as a result ? Would they do it if they knew ? Probably not! The people who love you never deliberately try and make you suffer. They don’t know because that is just how it is. We have been taught to lose our dreams to other people’s happiness.

Why are you sacrificing your life and your dreams avoiding disappointing people ? The fear of what exactly ?

Peer pressure is how we are forced to comply. We are excluded if we don’t do what the hive mind wants. What if being alone was ok ? Imagine the freedom of being able to choose, really choose ?

Compliance doesn’t create the life you want, so instead we have been given a life line – the hope that someone will get picked, chosen and rewarded with extravagant success. We spend our lives waiting to be picked, knowing it could be possible. We devour stories of Charlize who was a simple South African discovered having a temper tantrum in a bank. We spend our lives waiting when we could instead create our lives if only we stopped believing we have to comply with Normal.

We ostracise people who refuse to do this, excluding them, branding them. Who do they think they are ? Special ? Why aren’t they waiting their turn like the rest of us ?

Quite simply, because they don’t have to!

Nothing I say or talk about will ever make a difference in your life until you can disconnect yourself from the good opinion and approval of the people around you.

None of the people you idolise chose that path, waiting for permission, to be chosen and approved of. They went ahead and did it. Allowing themselves to make mistakes and learn and grow.

If you don’t step up and own your live and choices, someone else will. If you don’t start to think for yourself, someone else will. Do you really trust these other people have your best interests at heart ? If they did, wouldn’t you already be living your dream ? Why are you not deserving ? Why are you not special ?

I believe you are! I believe you deserve a life you love. All it takes is that moment when you find your dare and step out of normal. All it takes is the courage to stop complying and fitting in. You have to take your life back. You have to claim it and own it and refuse to let a single other person make choices for you and tell you what is right and what is wrong, what you want and what you can have.

This may be bad news for some who would prefer not to make trouble and rather wait. Yes it is easier when there are other people rebelling with you, but who is going to start ? Who is going to create the possibility in other people’s minds ? Why can’t it be you ?

Imagine living a life you love!

Do you even Dare ?

Still not convinced – grab a copy of Weird by Seth Godin. If it doesn’t change your mind it will at least get you thinking and that is the real start.

What if you could to ?