I have been putting together my talk for TEDxSoweto (02 November, can’t wait) and some interesting things have come up for me.

Dreams are not about world firsts, they are about YOU doing something for the first time which means all dreams are equal because all first are equally intimidating. Getting started turns a dream into reality but starting is hard because you have to get through your fear and we aren’t taught how to face our fears and do it anyway.

Dreams push us past ourselves into who we could be. They ask the question what if you could be more ? Who you are got you to this point, who you could be will take you to ‘there’.

Dreams keep us moving forward. They only require you to believe in them enough to choose the dream over the fear.

No-one can show you how to take that step into your fear. All anyone can do is help you identify the moment and give you some proof that there is something solid to stand on when you get to the other side.

Go live your Dream!

Go live with Dare!