My closest friend is going for an op. It isn’t a biggie, in fact it is something she wanted to do, just not now. With the suddenness came the fear. So there she sits, waiting until op day battling to manage her ‘silly’ fear. It struck a cord with me. Fear is what stops us from doing everything and anything. Fear is the thing we have to resolve before we can move forward, but how ?

Because facing your fear and winning isn’t something that sits in your head. You can’t outthink fear. It isn’t rational or logical, it just is!

You can’t beat fear head on. You can’t out muscle it, wrestle it or overpower it, so how do you get through it ?

The only way I have found to beat fear is to choose something else!

What you think about expands, so when you are trying to outthink fear all you do is add more energy to the thing you don’t want. When however, you focus on what you want, what is there on the other side of fear you cut of the energy you normally gave your fear.

Your job is to make that ‘something else’ so desirable, so clear in your mind that there is no longer any value to your fear. Your job is to get to the point where you would rather face your fear than NOT have your dream.

Go dare to dream! Go dare to face your fear!

You can! You just have to start! You just have to practice and never give up.

Your dream is yours for that taking, go dare take it!