I have known for a while that the key to my sanity and growth lies in the questions I ask myself. I have two, “what do I want ? ” (often how do I want to feel when I can’t answer that one) and “what will it take ?”

I never knew why questions worked until I realised I was using questions to give me a decision making framework. I didn’t even know I needed one. Then I started to look around and realised that we are surrounded by decision making frameworks that direct our lives – we just don’t see them. Religion for example. Think about it. No matter what your religion, if you really live it, you see all your actions in light of that framework and adjust accordingly.

Religion doesn’t work for everyone though – questions do. And until you know why you are making the choices you are making and what it is you want to create you will always have that nagging feeling of doubt. Is this really what I want ? What if there is something better out there ? What if I am wrong.

When you have a solid decision making framework and you know who you want to be and what you want to create in your life, then it doesn’t matter so much if you get it wrong. That is part of the journey and you now have more information to use to get the next decision better.

What questions are you asking yourself ? Are you daring to ? Are you daring to imagine a life you love and then ask yourself what will it take to create that ?

Why not ?