• I have to be kind to myself before I can be kind to anyone else. The alternative on this one is – how I speak to myself and what I expect from myself is how I treat others. Scary thought if you think about it…and observe the people around you more
  • Until I find the courage to explore who I am I will never be certain about who I am and so never be confident about the things I say and do, because what if they are wrong.
  • Courage is a choice. To act with courage I need to first accept the negative consequences I am avoiding. To do that I first have to name them…then I can validate them (or invalidate them as the case may be)
  • Other people are not going to make it happen. There is no Knight in Shining Armour. So best I get over it and either give up or do what needs to be done, say what needs to be said and find a way to make it happen on my own…without waiting for someone else to give me permission or stand as a shield and protect me.
  • The sooner I learn how to do the hard stuff, the sooner I can move to the good stuff (and perhaps learn how to turn the hard stuff into OK stuff)
  • I am always the reason why I am not moving forward – no matter how much I would like to blame the people around me. Until I change, nothing ever changes
  • I can choose how I am feeling by choosing how I think about the world!
  • Right now, I am not enough…at least not for the dream that I am battling to create. That is the whole point of dreams…to get you to that place where you are enough…and then the next dream comes along and I am no longer enough again…except now I know how to learn how to be enough
  • Where I am is the perfect and only place to start from. There is no reason to wait for…. enter list of things I think I need to have here.

I am capable of far more than I have ever believed I was capable of. I am the one who created a World Record, no-one gave it to me or did it for me – I created it out of tears, desire, persistence, doing. I created it out of nothing.

Which means that right now, I am capable of far more than I currently believe is possible…. read all the lessons above again and start to DO all THAT until new dream is achieved!

Dare to believe anything is possible and that you can do it!

Dare to own your life!

Dare to let go of convention and step into your own power

Dare to believe in yourself!