There comes a time when people just stop dreaming. Having spent years believing in a dream and never seeing it come true, they finally give up. Why do dreams fail ? To really live a vision you need to make sure you aren’t doing one of the following three things.

  1. No ‘New’. Simply put, if get what you do. So if you always do the same things you will get more of the same. This applies to reactions and behaviours and thoughts.
  2. No ‘Time’. Any dream requires space in which to manifest. If you have a full life, where is the ‘new’ going to fit in ? Is it competing with what you already have ? How much of your time have you given to creating it ?
  3. No ‘Belief’. You can only create what you can imagine and our imaginations are limited by what we have been exposed to. Until you believe you can get what you don’t have, then all you will get is what you believe you can get.

The fun thing about those three ‘nots’ is that they are easy to turn into “do’s”

  1. Add ‘New’. Change it all up, start to react and respond in different ways. Try approaches that don’t feel ‘normal’ to you. Try and imagine how someone who is already ‘there’ does it and how they would react and behave…and then practice that. Maybe you need a new practical skill, inevitably you need a new set of behaviours. If you get stuck then ask yourself, what wouldn’t I do…and maybe try that ?
  2. Make the ‘Time’. Change requires a space to occur and your time. It can not be created through wishful thinking, it requires action. So if you find yourself working a 12 hour day, with never a moment to actually stop. Stop!! Start with 15 min but start!
  3. Imagine ! I love this one as it talks to a belief in the impossible. You can only create something new when you start to think about things in a different way. One of my favourite question is, ‘if there were no constraints and limits, how would I do this ?” You will be amazed at how limits melt under that focus . If you didn’t have to follow anyone else or follow any rules, how would you do this ?

Not rocket science is it ? So where can you start ?