Breaking a world record requires an intimate understanding of fear, both physical and mental. It requires an ability to see limits and so push past them and it requires courage, the courage to keep going, the courage to trust yourself and not listen to the so-called betters, the courage to Dare. It requires you to actually LIVE Dare! What do I mean by DARE ? You need the desire to get from here to there. You need attitude, because who you are as if not more important that how good you are at what you do, you need reach, because dreams always exist outside of your comfort zone and you have to reach for them and you need to explore, because it is only when you are able to explore and see what happens, embarrassing ‘failure’ and ‘mistakes’, releasing yourself from being perfect and letting yourself learn that you can get to a there that isn’t here.

When you live with Dare a whole new world opens up for you.

Do I DARE to be different ? Do I DARE to be free ? Do I DARE stop waiting and instead choose myself and stop waiting for someone else to finally see me, value me and choose me ?

Do I DARE to let go of what I think is true ? Do I DARE to be in perfect flow ? Do I DARE to be deserving and allow unlimited abundance into my life ?

Boy do I wish I could DARE!! What if to Dare was a choice ?
What if to Dare was a skill and could be learnt ? What would I need to learn ? How could I summarise a decade of diving and one world record into a skill anyone could learn ? What if you could live with Dare ?

What is it to Dare ?  Desire Attitude Reach Explore

  • Desire –  you have to want it more than you want to stay comfortable.
  • Attitude which is something that can be learnt just like any other skill. You have to start choosing to create yourself and not be who you think you are. You have to start picking yourself rather than waiting to be picked.
  • Reach, because what you want is outside of your comfort zone, you have to stretch for it, you have to Reach
  • Explore – because you have to be willing to experiment and get it wrong and so learn.

Could you Dare ? I think you could, all it takes is one step…and then another…and another. All it takes is a desire to be ‘there’ rather than ‘here’. It doesn’t take Courage, that is something you find on the way. It