Yes, thoughts just appear – but what if that sudden, automatic appearance is just a habit ? Something you created without knowing because you never knew you had a choice ?

What if you can choose thoughts ?
What if all that took is an awareness that what you think about expands ?

What if you already choose the thoughts you want to focus on ?

Think about it! You choose the thoughts you want to focus on ! Those thoughts create what you say and do and so what you experience.

I know this is true! I have lived it (and am still to some degree living it). I spent years living with the thought that the only way to break a world record was with permission from someone (enter Nuno Gomes, fellow diver, team mate and deepest man in the world). I thought that I wasn’t enough and so the only way forward was to be shown how. I thought that all I had to do was wait.

Then I realized I had spent 5 years waiting and hadn’t got anywhere and that nothing I was doing was making a difference. That was when my dream took over and my thoughts were ignored by a new desire, to do whatever it took.

These days I see my thoughts and try and choose to not fall into them and let them overpower me – because they can (and still do) and when I fall into my thoughts I no longer have choices because I no longer have awareness, all I have is what my thoughts are telling me.

So now I can tell when I am about to be ambushed by thoughts that I have always had and so I focus on the thoughts I would like to have. I repeat these to myself over and over, I am…, I am…, I am…! I distract myself, refuse to let myself start that thought pattern because I know that once I start, stopping is impossible and I will derail my creating.

When you let your thoughts take over, you ignore other options or possibilities – without even knowing you are doing it. You ignore the fact that maybe you could and instead choose the thoughts that tell you why you can’t ? In fact, you now have only thoughts that tell you that you can’t.

You see what your thoughts tell you is there. You create what your thoughts tell you is there and then you believe that is true, because you have become your thoughts and emotions.


What if you didn’t have to ?
What if who you are isn’t your thoughts or feelings ? What if you who are is the choices you make and…what if those choices can change your automatic thoughts and feelings ?

What would it take to claim back your thoughts?

Could you choose to focus on new thoughts ?

Could you replace your old thoughts with new one’s ? Just by consciously repeating the ‘other’ foreign thoughts until they are yours ?

What if you could?

What could you create if you were choosing your thoughts ?

Dare to claim your thoughts!

Dare to see what happens !