Did you know ? The Woman’s Diving Hall of Fame rejected my application to become a member….I was stunned! Read more here.

This is the week I speak at TEDxSoweto (02 November in Jozi). This is the week I get to share with the world my knowing that fear isn’t invincible, you just need to find that moment where you are tired with it, bored by the life it has created for you, fed up.

You just need to find that moment where your desire for something else makes your fear look inconsequential.

I can’t teach you how to face your fear and move forward. I can’t teach you Dare, no-one can because it isn’t knowledge, it is action! Dare isn’t something you can talk about, it is something you do!

All I can do is tell you about that moment so that you can recognize it when you reach it.

All I can do is tell you about my experience so that you know that there is something solid to stand on when you get to the other side.

What does it take to find your dare ?

  • A dream
  • A desire
  • Frustration
  • A choice
  • YOU!

You don’t have to do it the hard way like I did – you probably will, but you don’t.

All you need to do is choose to trust and see what happens.

Go live with Dare!

Go find your dare!

Dare to try! Dare to Live! Dare to own your life and love it!

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