Some days it’s fun to sit quietly and just imagine what it would be like if say, greatness could speak……
Hello ?

Hello ?

Oh, you can hear me. Sorry, it’s just unexpected.

Do you know that you aren’t alone in your struggle ? It doesn’t matter what greatness you have already achieved, Verna has the same issue and she has a Guinness World Record. You would think she would be proud if it, only have you noticed she hardly speaks of it and when she does she almost sounds embarrassed? Here she has done this amazing thing, something no one else has managed to do in 14 years and she covers it up. Just like you she has been taught that being great causes harm to the people around her. She knows that being great is something to be ashamed about. She is a goldfish in a school of sardines hiding her shine.

If only she would take a closer look she would see that they aren’t sardines at all, but other goldfish pretending to be sardines, just waiting for someone to give them permission to stop pretending.

How do I show you that being great doesn’t  make you different ? We are all hiding greatness. We are all embarrassed by it. We are all craving it, looking for permission to release and become.
You don’t have to be the kind of great that makes other people small. You aren’t that kind of great! That kind of great was never real or true. You are the kind of great that creates an invitation for others. You are the kind of great that opens up and holds space for everyone else.

Think about it for a minute, what if you aren’t the greatness that makes people feel shamed and small? What if you are the right kind of contagious, the kind of greatness that heals and inspires and makes people great ?

So stop throttling yourself! Stop trying to be what you think everyone wants. Stop trying to copy other people’s paths to greatness and walk your own. Make a new way.

It’s time don’t you think ? It’s time for a new road, one that we can all walk.

Look around you ? Can you see all of those people just waiting to be great and unable to find their way? Live it for them so they can see it and become it.

Be the alternative . Show us another way. Be your kind of cray because even though it may not be theirs, it will give them permission to be a little more crazy, a little more great until one day they realise greatness is who they are.

Because greatness isn’t a place or a label. It’s how you show up in the world and it’s time! Dare to be Great!