When everything falls into place, I fall into myself, into a place that is calm, protected and powerful. It does not matter what happens around me because I exist completely here. The world storms around me, pulls and pushes, demanding I do, I be…everything I am not, yet here I exist as me! I am whole! I am complete!

It is a place that always existed when I dived, especially on those dives where I was totally out of my comfort zone and it is a place I go to now when I need to operate from a place of complete authenticity. It is a place where every action, every thought trusts synchronicity and the divine. It does not matter what happens in that moment, all that matters is that I am in that moment and that the person who is in charge is not my fickle and vulnerable ego, but me, the authentic me, the me that lives forever.

So now I fall into myself and feel the power return. I am safe! I am protected! I am powerful! I am the creator of my dreams and contrary to what you believe, I know how to create my dreams and more importantly the experiences that are life. I am the master of me! Here, in this place, fallen into myself.