One of the hardest things when bringing a dream into reality is getting going. What do I mean ? Well,  all dreams may not be world records, but for the person dreaming of something grand and different, the dream is as impossible and difficult. The whole point of a dream is that it is seemingly impossible and that you don’t think that you are good enough to get there, otherwise it would not be a dream, it would be your reality.
So, what happens when you find yourself talking about where you would like to be (my  dream job is an awesome example) and you find yourself saying, “But that is impossible !” Do you even hear those words or is the fact that you will never get your dream something that is so entrenched in you that you don’t even hear it.
Here is the thing – you can’t get there if you don’t start. You also can’t get there if the road to there requires someone or something else to suddenly notice you, adopt you, accept you, take you on board and miraculously make it happen for you. I know, it would be perfect right if that could happen. I mean breaking a world record would have been soo much easier if only Nuno Gomes (the current world record holder and friend) had just given in and agreed to be part of my team and show me the way. I spent years waiting for that to happen, years jumping through hoops to prove to him that I was worth supporting until I finally ran out of energy and got on with diving on my own. It is one of the things I am most grateful for because, if Nuno had been there, I would never have known who had acquired the record, me or him. This way the record is mine and the value I get out of it just never seems to end.
But back to your dream. When I hear people talking about their ideal job or ideal house or ideal anything, I seem to also hear how they are just waiting, waiting for the lottery so that they can get started. Waiting for Hay House to recognise their book and publish it and I get the waiting bit. It is scary to go out there and stand out from the crowd. Not only that, if you knew how to get there you would already be there, so you also have that whole debate on How ?  How do you get ‘there’. But that is the fun part of a dream, asking those questions and finding out.
My question to you is how long will you wait for your dream to be given to you ? What is the point of dreaming about something that will never happen ? Why not start to live that dream in this moment right now ? Because most dreams can start in your back yard and then grow into something universal. Most overnight successes took ten years of slog to create. What about using what you have right now to create a mini version of your dream ? What about actively finding new people who fit into and support that vision of yours ? Because if you can’t get into the club that already exists it just seems plain silly to hang around waiting to be noticed. Start creating it for yourself.
What is the worst that can happen ? That ‘they’ will start to take notice and next thing you know you are there. That nothing happens (which is seldom the case). That you will fail ? Well, what is failure ? This is a journey, you are an explorer experimenting with ways to get there and learning, all the time learning more about yourself, about your vision and about how to make it a reality.
Stop seeing yourself outside of your dream. Start to visualise you in that dream, Really see it and feel it, especially feel it. Now, what do you need to do to start to bring those feelings into the here and now ? You don’t reach Everest in one step, so what step can you take now ? And trust that as you start moving the next step will become clearer, each building on the last as you slowly get nearer. With each step your ability to manifest your dream becomes stronger, so keep moving, keep dreaming and keep believing. You were borne a dream maker! Believe it!