On 25 October, 2004 I set the ladies diving depth record. Who knew it would last ten years ? That dive proved to me that who I am isn’t set in stone and that all it takes to change is a dream that won’t let go!

What if who you think you are and everything you believe to be true about yourself and how you fit into the world is a lie ?

What if you are just like me ?

That dive proved to me that limits are things I choose and that even though it is hard to change, change I can!

That dive has been an anchor that has taken me on a new quest – I want to live the freedom and limitless being I found at 221 meters in every moment of every day and I will! I am almost there!

I would not have been able to do it without a list of people – they made it possible for me to spend 6 hours underwater. They were there every other weekend doing the prep dives.

With thanks to my support team :

  • Allana Barber (best friend, angel sister, piece of sanity and super diver)
  • Joseph Emmanuel (there from the beginning, never doubted, always listened, my anchor and sounding board)
  • Kirsten Emmanuel (surface marshal and sanity keeper)
  • Derek Hughes (he kept the team together allowing me to keep myself together, my other anchor)
  • Ian Gatley, Gareth Lowndes and John de Wet, support divers who dived, a lot !
  • Dave Shaw and Don Shirley for deep support
  • Theo van Eeden – for the photos
  • SCUBAPRO – for the best gear, gear I know kept me alive on dives where it was touch and go!

And not forgetting the people who were got me to 186 meters – Kimberleigh Yeomans, Craig Kahn, Craig Newham, Peter Zachariou.

There is one last person to thank, Nuno Gomes! I never realised how much I learnt from him when I was a part of his dive team. It was traumatic when I lost that privilege, but I would not change a moment because, thanks to Nuno I had to do this on my own which meant I had to discover my own power and live as my own explorer! I have had to change what I think a mentor as a result. What if mentor’s aren’t people who take you there ? What if mentors are people who allow you to find your own way and live the example you need to follow instead ?