Have a pen handy ? Pick it up! Now….drop it! Easy right ? One of the hardest (and simplest) concepts to grasp with coaching is how easily we pick things up. We get on it! We hold our pain, our misery and our past tight, tight, tight. When really all we have to do is put it all down for a while… and focus on what we can do right now.Or put another way. I realised a while back that I had completely disconnected from feeling. I just pushed all the hard one’s aside…away! The problem was, feelings need to be felt and the longer and harder you push them away..the harder and stronger they come back at you..wanting to be felt. So I learnt to pick them up, to feel them and discovered I was in a place where emotions were overwhelming things. I was continuously feeling…anger, sorrow, pain! It was only when I started coaching that I figured out that I had control. I could put them down whenever I needed. Not push them away or hide from them, just put them down for a while. I had the control. I could choose when to pick them up (and you do need to take time to pick them up).

As we fast approach xmas old family troubles and stories start to emerge. For some the holidays are emotionally traumatic… so what would happen if you just acknowledged the story and pain..and put it down ? What would happen if everytime you found yourself in the story, ‘on it’ you made the conscious decision to put it down and to put it down as many times as you find you have unconsciously picked it up ?

What would happen if you gave everyone else a clean slate, a fresh chance ?

May you all have a fantabulous christmas and a spectacular New Year!!!