If you do one thing today, do this!

Be present with the possibility that you are the creator of your life. Be present to the possibility that how you feel is a choice and how you change your feelings is by directing your thoughts. Open your space and allow yourself to live not from reaction or habit, but from vision. Yes, vision. To live from vision means to ask yourself over and over and over, what do I want ? What do I want to feel ?

Imagine your life if you were the master! Imagine never again being bored or miserable, angry or frustrated. Imagine being able to bring your dreams to reality. You power resides in your imagination. Your power lies in two words, I am! I am powerful! I am the creator of my life! I am free! I am abundance! I am accepts that you already are, ”I want to be” acknowledges that you are not…yet. What if you already are ? What if the only thing that is in your way are the thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself and what if they are wrong ?