How do you tell the story of your life ? It has taken almost two decades to get to the point where I finally understand how important the words are that Iuse, especially when I tell the story of my life. I have spent over 4 decades learning to value other people’s impressions of me and discard my own. No more! I have made the choice to claim my own mind and to do that I need to claim the story of my life! I am not only talking about the past, I am talking about my present as well, about the invisible story I still myself about who I am, especially who I am at work.

How aware are you of the story you are telling about who you are ? How many negatives are in that story ? How many times do you see yourself as the underdog, unable to get mastery ? For today what about retelling that story to yourself and this time make yourself the hero ? For today tell yourself the story of how you are the master of all areas of your life.

What you think about expands! Whilst you can not control the myriad of thoughts that populate your mind you can manage where your attention is and you can actively replace the one’s that are negative with simple statement of who you are. It is not about what you want to be, that implies you are not that right now. It is about bringing the future into this moment, right now. Habits don’t change overnight, so there will be days where you don’t live who you want to be. Those are the days to practice love and forgiveness and strengthen the image you have in your head of who you are!

I am the master of my mind, are you ? Why not ?