Looking for support before you get started with making that dream come true ? Aren’t we all. Which is where the problem comes in. When we believe that who we are isn’t good enough we wait for someone who is good enough to come along and show us the way.

People who make it happened don’t wait, they do! So why are you waiting ?

We waiting for someone to shield us from the inevitable criticism we are expecting when we behave in a way that is deemed to be ‘too big for our shoes’. We are expecting push back from the universe and more importantly, the people around us and when it happens, we don’t want to be standing out there all alone. We definitely don’t want to have to defend our dreams, because dreams don’t often have many solid facts to support them – that is the point. Dreams only become real when we start building them. You can only prove it is possible once you have done it! And to do it, you have to ignore the fact that it might not be possible.

We reason that we need to have someone else on our side. This someone can show us how and hold our hands as we learn. They are an expert and so able to create a defence when we get cornered. Even better, if it all goes wrong, the blame isn’t ours – we didn’t make the decision, the expert did.

Sounds perfect except for one thing, you can end up waiting a lifetime to be chose. And the more you wait, the more intense your desire becomes and the more desperate you become. Your need becomes a wave of negative dependence that more often than not drives your expert away with its dependence and intensity.

With each rejection you find yourself falling further into the pit, becoming an established and well-practiced victim of circumstance, now fully dependant, with whatever confidence you had in yourself stripped away along with your vision and your ability to make decisions.

Hardly an appealing picture but if you are honest with yourself, a place you either know and have managed to escape or a place you are currently very familiar with.

I lived all of it diving, waiting for world record holder Nuno Gomes to recognise me and so confirm that I was talented enough to be the deepest woman in the world and then of course, make it happen with me. I spent years doing wishful thinking (not visualisation because the outcome I desired required someone else to change and come to the party). It never happened! Nuno never chose me! I had to choose myself and do it on my own.

I am eternally grateful that no-one picked me and that I had to do it on my own. My world record has value because I created it! I went through the learning curve, I made the hard choices and instead of being given a world record with no risk, I had to go and take it.

If you are serious about Living with Dare and creating a life you want to love the first step you need to make is to stop waiting. Stop being reliant on someone else to create your dream for you. Stop waiting for support to find you, go find it yourself. Start asking for help and keep on asking and talking about your dream until you find the people who connect with it and want to become part of your vision.

Let go of this idea that you can’t unless you have help! You can! You must! There is no other way to get started.

Choose to own your life! Choose to stop waiting to be supported and protected and instead claim it! Claim the consequences of not knowing exactly and having to make mistakes and learn! Own it!

We need more people who are proud of their impossible dreams and who are proud to own the process. We need people who are choosing to practice courage and be out there on their own with a crazy dream. We need people like you!

Start Living with Dare! Start Living your Dream! Go do something!