Yes, there are only a couple of ways when you come down to it. When you practice them, you are practicing Courage. The fear never goes away though! That is important to understand. If you are waiting for the fear to stop before you start you will wait forever.

  1. The Fearsome Pull of ‘There’
  2. The Ferocious Push of ‘Here’

The Fearsome Pull of ‘There’

When you have a desire to be ‘there’ it pulls you through your fear and allows you to walk the parts where you don’t know, where you are afraid of looking stupid, making mistakes and all those other fears that we hardly dare admit to.

When you want to be ‘there’ more than anything else you do what needs to be done. That desire pulls you through your fear to the other side and once you are on the other side, what you feared is now known and comfortable.

The Ferocious Push of ‘Here’

When you really, really don’t want to be ‘here’, living the life you have now, then you will do anything to leave here. This is perhaps the harder way of overcoming fear but a popular one because most of us have not taken the time to define a ‘there’ we are in love with and want desperately. If you are walking this road and finding it hard, harder than shutting down, take a moment and start to see if you can create a ‘there’ that can start to pull you. A clearly defined ‘there’ creates hope and expectation. A horrid ‘here’ starts a journey of desperation and fear that often takes you to another ‘here’ because you aren’t able to make choices that change ‘here’ into something else because you don’t know what the something else is.

Having said that, sometimes the only place to start is being pushed out of ‘here’. Now you know what you don’t want so the choices you make are about not creating that again. It can take longer and more effort, but sooner or later you will find yourself shifting from avoiding what you don’t want to creating what you do.

It doesn’t matter whether you are being pushed or pulled, you have to desire enough to walk through your fear to a new place. Dare to live with Courage! Dare to get moving, it is the only way you will be able to create change!