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Coaching is a key ingredient to evolving your skill and so expanding your comfort zone.
The goal of coaching is to create a space where you can engage with your blindspots. It is your blindspots that prevent you from seeing different options and choices. These are locked into your way of thinking, something that has evolved over time.

With a coach you can start to extend and shift your mental model and get past your blind spots and build new habits that support the outcomes and experiences you wish to have.

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What does coaching look like ?

  • A series of structured conversations, either online or in person

To create new habits, it is recommended that a series of coaching conversations occurs (3 – 5) and that these be in intervals of 3 – 6 weeks


  • Identify the experience you want to be having and the blindspots that may be preventing you from achieving these

For leaders

  • Craft who want to be as a leader,
  • Identify habits that support your outcome
  • Choose actions that build those habits

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