Yes, it has been almost 11 years, never mind a decade and I have a new talk lined up – Everyone’s Guide to Daring to Be Extraordinary!

What if being extraordinary is something you could choose and create ? What does it take ? What is it that you have to fundamentally know and start to practice ? How do you step outside of the box that you live in, the box that is known and familiar and that keeps you trapped in your current reality ? How do you become extraordinary ?

This isn’t just for individuals but for corporates looking to create a fundamental shift in how their organisations operate. Change is never easy – it takes conscious effort and vision. It also needs direction – a path if you will that allows those you dare to make new choices and so step into extraordinary.

This talk is based on a blend of my world record journey and the neuroscience of thinking and behaviour. It challenges how we see extraordinary people and things bringing new distinctions, awarenesses and tools that individuals and companies alike can start to use.

” I wasn’t born to break a world record. I wasn’t born extraordinary – far from it! I had to learn how do extraordinary things and then I had to learn how to be extraordinary so that what I did diving was what I did every day. “

Topics include:- Thinking Solo, Using Mentors, Escaping the Difficult People Trap, Learning to See, Escaping the Box and Limitless Thinking

“Extraordinary is about doing things that no-one else is doing. It is about being out there, amongst a handful of others (if not first) and finding new ways to do new things. It is about taking who you are and where you are right now and transforming that into something Extraordinary.”