I wasn’t borne to become the Deepest Woman in the World. I had to learn how to become Deepest and that journey changed the way I see the world. I got past my limits and now my journey to a world record is my guide to re-creating limitless being in every day and every moment of my life.

It starts with finding your dare – that moment where you no longer want to live where you are and are prepared to change. It starts with that choice, to change – to take back your life and to start to choose who you want to be and how you want to feel in every moment.

It started for me when I realised that I needed to start to do the things that a world record holder would find easy. I started to think and act greater than who I thought I was! I chose to react differently to the world around me.

You can to! Use the Daily Dare to focus you on a new state of being. Take up the meditation challenge and join me in an experiment to change who I am so that I can make new choices. ┬áTake up the Acceptance and Gratitude challenges – just 10, maybe 20 minutes a day.

It doesn’t matter how, just start! Start IMAGINING the life you would love. Start to feel it, as if it here and start to practice staying in that feeling.

  • Dare to be You
  • Dare to be Unique
  • Dare to be Uncomfortable
  • Dare to be Trust
  • Dare to be Tolerance
  • Dare to be Surrender
  • Dare to be StandOut
  • Dare to be Selfless
  • Dare to be Respect
  • Dare to Release
  • Dare to Relax
  • Dare to be Peace
  • Dare to be Open
  • Dare to Love
  • Dare to Listen
  • Dare to learn
  • Dare to Leap
  • laughter
  • Dare to be kindness
  • Dare to be Joy
  • Dare to be Inspired
  • Dare to Imagine
  • Dare to be humble
  • Dare to be harmony
  • Dare to be Happy
  • Dare to be giving
  • Dare to Go Further
  • Free
  • Dare to be forgiveness
  • Dare to Flow
  • Dare to Fear
  • Dare to Empower
  • Dare to Fail
  • Desire
  • Dare to be ease
  • Dare to Dream
  • Dare to be deserving
  • Dare to Dare
  • Dare to be Curious
  • Dare to be Courage
  • Dare to be Complete
  • Dare to Change
  • awareness
  • Dare to be acceptance