In a decade of trying to understand how come I have a world record and other divers who I think have the inherent ability don’t I have realised that wanting it is a critical element to pushing boundaries. It is important to remember that every one has limits in which they operate but not everyone’s limit happens to break a world record though. The location of your limit doesn’t have anything to do with how hard it is for you to push which is where Desire comes in. Living with Dare requires desire.

Desire is a specific type of focus. I experience it as an almost obsessive compulsion that will not let me give up. Desire is something that focuses on ‘there’. Which makes it fundamentally different to the way we think about most things were we focus on the absence of what we want and then to our surprise, create more absence.

Desire is what gets you to start again and again…and again.

Desire is what gets you to try everything and when that doesn’t work, it insists you get inventive and try things you never considered before.


Desire gets you through your fear and out the other side.

So if you are like many, many people, not sure what it is you are looking for, start looking for your desire. It may be faint, so used to being ignored it hardly has a voice, but it is there. Start fanning it, allowing yourself to indulge in it and imagine what it would look like to have your desire fulfilled.

Desire is the D in Dare! Start living with Desire! Start living with dare! Why ? Because what if you could ?