Imagine a cv, that had only one thing on it, your super power! The difference you make every day at work! Most of us can’t because we don’t think of ourselves like that, we don’t see ourselves as a brand or as something we can sum up into one or three words. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when we don’t really create any impact – if you don’t know what you are creating you can’t choose the actions and opportunities that will create that, any road will do!

Now, imagine you had a super power ? Something that only you bring to work (or home for that matter), what is it ?

Can you draw maps connecting here to there ?

Are you able to transform a deep knowledge of skills and knowledge into what is needed here and under these conditions ?

Be wary here, because a super power isn’t being kinda good, or just better than the person next to you – there are plenty of cogs out there, we are talking about your uniqueness.

And yes, you are probably going to battle with this because no-one has told you that you are unique. In fact, you have probably spent your life fitting in, NOT outshining the person next to you, doing what is requested and needed, complying. Every bit of uniqueness has been actively repressed…but you know, you have always known that you are different. You have always known that you are unique.

Stop waiting to be given permission to add value and make an impact. Grasp your superpower! Name it! Own it! And spread it!

Live with Dare! Be Unique! Be the super power you were borne to be!