I was tasked with managing a new resource at work! This is an exciting event because I get to share my expertise and at the same time, create space for someone to blossom and grow. It is also interesting to see the world through someone else’s eyes because the possibilities and attitudes I take for granted just don’t seem to be options other people consider! This is scary because if you can’t see something as an option then it isn’t and you end up living a life of limits that in fact you are creating.

Not that most people would agree with this! No-one finds it comfortable to accept responsibility for their lives and especially accepting responsibility for what they don’t have and can’t seem to create.  Instead, people all round the world live as victims – waiting to be rescued and given their break.

Not so if you are Living with Dare! Accepting that the only person who can give you what you want is you is the foundation on which every other choice is made when you live dare.

I have no idea how we managed to create a world where people are petrified of taking ownership of their lives. I do know that I am surrounded by people who are waiting to be given the authority to live their dreams and do their jobs. The interesting thing is that this isn’t something that can be given to anyone. It is something you have to expect and so give yourself. Empowerment is a choice you get to make. A gift only you can give to yourself.

Companies call this attitude the x-factor. It is the thing that separates the average employee from the star, the thing that allows one person to thrive in a job and another to struggle. The x-factor is an attitude, an attitude in which you know that you have the ability and power to get things done and so expect it. Some lucky people are born with this attitude but for the rest of us, we have to choose it and cultivate it and work at it. We also end up resenting those for whom leadership, authority and making things happen is a natural way of being without ever asking ourselves how we could do that. We know we can’t and so don’t even think to try.

I have lived this on both sides of the fence. I have waited for a boss to give me the authority to do my job and then got fed up and instead started to act as if it was mine all a long. Much to my surprise I discovered  the authority I thought I needed to be given to me was suddenly mine. Now I wait for a colleague to ‘get it’ because I can not give her what she needs to do her job, she has to expect it and create it for herself. It should be an interesting journey undoing a lifetime of expectation and belief.

Are you waiting for a superior to give you the authority to do your job ?

What if all it actually took was for you to claim and own your life and to start doing what needs to be done and acting in a way that supports those actions ?

What would happen if you chose to refuse to accept the limits you have always believed are true!

Go find out for yourself if you can.

Live with dare! Own your life and make it one you love every minute of.