Not your usual combination – orchestral music combined with rock. I am sure there are some die hard musico’s of both persuasions who shudder at the thought – where is the purity As I listened to the first of the concerto’s I started to wonder, how would you do it so that it is seemless ? How many ‘rules would have to be broken to bring an electric guitar into an orchestra ? Or a section of violins (with obo and brass) into a rock band ?

The idea fascinates me and listening to the end results leaves me inspired and in one of my favourite moods, curiosity and wonder.

What other rules are there that I blindly adhere ? What would happen if I paid attention and sought them out so that I could let go of the structure they hold ?

I started to think about the current obsession with innovation and agility and thinking back on the articles that pop up around ‘how do we change culture’ started to wonder if we are really changing anything or if we are merely changing the wrapping paper (lipstick on the proverbial pig).

What if we are stuck in a persistent, invisible corporate thinking ? How could we start to blend the ‘sounds’ of different place, processes, ideas and principles ? How could we create unique uniformity ? How could we take a rock band and blend it with an orchestra ?