Then it could be learnt and that would mean it is something you could have! This post is inspired by my 100 words in O Mag this month, talking to Ways to Face Fear. We spend so much of our time fighting fear and waiting for that moment or person to come along so that we can finally be brave, but what if those of us who are brave are just like you ?

What if courage as a choice and not something you get borne with or without ?

What if you can practice it ?

Did you know ? The Woman’s Diving Hall of Fame rejected my application to become a member….I was stunned! Read more here.

How do you ‘be brave’?

Fear can’t be out muscled, you can’t stare it down and win – you have to choice something else, something that matters more than the fear.

Are you creating something else that you desire more ? Why not ?

Fear can be distracted – I use a mantra, the Om Mane Padme Hung I first heard when I walked to Everest Base Camp (almost) in Kathmandu. It keeps my mind occupied and allows the other part of me to get on with what needs to be done. I also use prayers and “I am ” statements.

Do you have a mantra ? What could yours be ?

Fear is a coward – each time you defeat it, each time you DO instead of fearing you make it smaller, less powerful. The trick is to get to the DO part. The trick to that is making the step you take small enough to scare you not paralyse you.

What is the next step you could take ?

Fear is a choice which means there is always another choice. Dare to make another choice! Dare to live with Courage! Dare to live a life you love!