Ramblings from a Spiritual Tourist….. Sitting surrounded by nuns I was struck by their beauty. They all have shaven heads, no makeup or jewelry and of course are dressed in the now familiar monk maroon robes. In a way, they all appear identical and plain by our western standards, yet I was struck by their naturalness and the beauty that seemed to flow effortlessly.
One lady hooked me with her eyes – there was just something about them. Not their colour, she had brown eyes like everyone else, but about the way they smiled, crinkles on her eyes highlighting the smile as it shine from her eyes, the way her eyebrows framed her face, framed the serenity that seemed to be so natural (even when she appeared annoyed it was just a layer of annoyance that soon rested back into stillness).
It got me wondering, about us in the West. What happens when we take off the make-up ? What will we show the world about who we really are ? What essence have we created over the years that makeup and jewelry and fashion all hide ?