My passion is to be an explorer whose sole job is to create myself – independently of what other people think, of societies labels and expectations and any other definition that tries to box me and create limits. It is enough that my identity has a PhD in creating limits. Enlightenment has created a lasting inspiration for me on this journey and one of the key principles in enlightened being is the concept of detachment, which is not something that comes naturally to us human beings. Our identities love being attached to ‘stuff’ and outcomes that we invent and then sustain in the safety of our minds, throwing enormous amounts of energy at the images and stories of how it will be. Hardly surprising then when we are devastated when we get a different outcome.


This idea scares me (or at least my identity) as it makes living detached (or as I prefer to call it, in Acceptance) a remarkably simple thing. Yes, changing the habit of a lifetime is not easy, but I think I may work on just being in the Present for a while and letting go of the stories that project me into a future that does not yet exist. The idea of being Present excites me…I get to experience all the abundance in this moment, things I would normally not even be aware of because I am so focused on something that might never be.

What could you do today to spend just one hour in the present moment ? How could you move from being part of the stories your Identity spins in your head to being an observer instead ?